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Plants are cultivated in soil-filled custom-made rhizotrons positioned at a 45 degree angle.

Screen Root

Screen Root

The automated system (rhizotron-to-sensor) is suited for quantitative measurement of root architecture parameters in 2D and shoot biomass evaluation (up to 80 cm height) via projected shoot area.

Typical throughput is 72 rhizotrons/day.

Assays include the evaluation of root and shoot responses to different water, nutrient (N, P) and soil compaction regimes.


Nagel, K. A. ; Putz, A. ; Gilmer, F. ; Heinz, K. ; Fischbach, A. ; Pfeifer, J. ; Faget, M. ; Blossfeld, S. ; Ernst, M. ; Dimaki, C. ; Kastenholz, B. ; Kleinert, A.-K. ; Galinski, A. ; Scharr, H. ; Fiorani, F. ; Schurr, U.
GROWSCREEN-Rhizo is a novel phenotyping robot enabling simultaneous measurements of root and shoot growth for plants grown in soil-filled rhizotrons, Functional plant biology 39(11), 891-904 (2012)