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Regalbediensystem für Klmakammern

Plant Phenotyping

Phenotyping means the quantitative analysis of plant structures and functions. Quantitative knowledge of structure and function enables the transfer of basic research findings to practical agriculture and ecological research.

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Putting production processes, energy supply and food production on a sustainable basis: this is the aim of bioeconomy

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Integrated Systems for Bioproduction

The development of sustainable plant production includes the development of new technical systems and agronomic management procedures.

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Schema Anstieg der Konzentration an Klimagasen

Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change has a strong influence on plant production. This comprises the hampering of plant growth by extreme weather events, the occurrence of novel diseases and increasing production due to elevated concentrations of CO2.

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Pflanzen für die Zukunft

Transfer of Technology

Among the variety of scientific questions, it is important to identify those which are promising for innovation, thus practical application. Therefore it is necessary to markedly improve the communication between application and research.

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