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Portrait von Anke Schickling

Dr. Anke Schickling

Senior Researcher

My research concentrates on sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence, a weak signal that is emitted in the red and near-infrared light of photosynthetic active plants. It can give an estimate of the photosynthetic activity and I showed among others how the sun-induced fluorescence could improve the diurnal modelling of gross primary productivity (Schickling et al. 2016). Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence is derived from hyperspectral measurements devices for example by the airborne imaging hyperspectral sensor HyPlant (Rascher et al. 2015).

The HyPlant sensor provided the motivation among others for the FLEX mission in which the European Space Agency (ESA) decided to measure sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from a satellite. In my current work I´m responsible for organization of field and flight campaigns as well as the reporting to ESA for all HyPlant related projects. In addition, I´m investigating the applied use of hyperspectral images as a new phenotyping technology development for shoots (project P4P).   


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