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Most read articles in Functional Plant Biology from the Institute IBG-2: Plant Sciences

Publications of the IBG-2: Plant Sciences came as first, second and fifth in the ranking of the most cited articles of the renowned journal Functional Plant Biology in 2012. The most read and second most read publications by Poorter et al. address very important topics for plant scientists: “The art of growing plants for experimental purposes: a practical guide for the plant biologist”and “Pot size matters: a meta-analysis of the effect of rooting volume on plant growth”. The high interest in these publications gives hope that some fundamental errors in experimental design can be avoided. The fifth publication in this ranking: „GROWSCREEN-Rhizo is a novel phenotyping robot enabling simultaneous measurements of root and shoot growth for plants grown in soil-filled rhizotrons”by Kerstin Nagel et al. describes the first results obtained by an automated screening system based on plant cultivation in soil-filled rhizoboxes and it clearly indicates the importance of quantitative analyses of root architecture in plant sciences.

In addition to these three publications, a special issue (Functional Plant Biology 39(11)), based on contributions from the International Plant Phenotyping Symposium in Jülich in 2011, edited by Hendrik Poorter and Roland Pieruschka, resulted in six articles (one with further contribution from IBG-2) among the top 20 of the most cited publications. Plant phenotyping has become an important research field in plant sciences