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New Annual Review of Plant Biology from IBG-2: A look into the future of plant phenotyping

Plant phenotyping is an expanding research field that combines plant biology, sensor technology, and automation engineering to support accelerated progress in plant breeding, plant ecology, and horticultural production systems. Fabio Fiorani and Ulrich Schurr have recently published a review in the prestigious Annual Review series, „Future scenarios for plant phenotyping“, Annual Review of Plant Biology, 2013, Vol. 64: 267–291. This work is within the top 20 most cited articles in the last 12 months in this journal. The review offers a comprehensive overview of the non-invasive methods that are used for quantitative phenotyping of shoot, canopies, root systems, and seeds. Current use, limitations and bottlenecks to be overcome are highlighted. Perspectives and challanges to improve whole plant phenotyping are discussed within the view of improving phenotyping approaches for plant biology and plant breeding, from greenhouse to field experiments.