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"Fascination of Plants Day" - 18. Mai 2012 - Internationaler Tag der Pflanze

Jülicher Pflanzenforscher diskutieren mit Schülern der Region

On May 18th, 2012 the fascinating world of the plants will present itself in the limelight. Therefore, the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO - ) created the "Fascination of Plants Day", the international day of the plant. The International Day of the plant has the goal to plant as many thoughts into the minds of people around the world: plants and the understanding of plants have always been and are still irreplaceable for the benefit of past, present and future generations, as well as for the understanding and the sustainable use with nature.

Information about this initiative can be found on the website . You can also find a list of national and international activities.

The IBG-2: Plant Sciences of the Research Centre Jülich has joined 280 institutions of more than 38 countries. Scientists of the Institute will visit schools and report about the fascination of plants, the role of plants in the future of mankind, the challenges in the future and the work of scientists. Students are welcome to discuss with the scientists, ask questions and express their opinions.

If you are interested in a visit of an employee of the IBG-2 at your school or at your own activities during the week of May 14th-18th, please consult the contact persons of the IBG-2: Plant Sciences.


Contact persons at the IBG-2:

 Ulrich Schurr, Managing Director of the Research Center Jülich, IBG-2: Plant Sciences, 52425 Jülich,

 Secretary: Mrs Annelie Lorenz  or  +49 2461 614819

 Pictures or other material available for free download on

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Plant Scientists discuss with pupils of the Region

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