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Methods and Technologies at the
Jülich Plant Phenotyping Centre


Digital Image Sequence Processing Setup for monitoring of leaf growth via digital image sequence processing

Identification of leaf area, growth and chlorophyll fluorescence

GROW Map-LeafAjustment of lights and camera

Data Acquisition

  • fixation of a leaf in a plane parallel to camera
  • illumination with near infrared-diodes
  • image sequence at high frequency in near infrared throughout day and night

GROW Map-LeafSet up and evaluation of an experiment with GROW Map-Leaf

Image analysis

  • optical flow analysis of image sequence resulting in velocity vector fields
  • calculation of divergence to obtain growth maps

Results example

DISP dataSpatial and temporal distribution of leaf growth in 4 species ilustrating typical growth patterns


Walter A and Schurr U (2005) Dynamics of leaf and root growth: endogenous control versus environmental Impact. Annals of Botany 95: 891–900

Wiese, A.; Christ, M. M.; Virnich, O.; Schurr, U. and Walter, A. (2007) Spatio-temporal leaf growth patterns of Arabidopsis thaliana and evidence for sugar control of the diel  leaf growth cycle.
New Phytologist 174, 752-761

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