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Research Area
Ecosystem Dynamics / Shoot Dynamics

The research area Ecosystem Dynamics investigates the physiological mechanisms underlying plant mediated exchange processes and their relationship to ecosystem functioning from the single plant to the ecosystem.

Sun fluorescence

We use and develop novel non-invasive techniques to study interactions between plants and the atmosphere, plants and the rhizosphere, and how plant-plant interactions are affected by biodiversity.

Our research projects link measurements under controlled conditions in the greenhouse with process understanding under field conditions to better understand and measure and predict plant behaviour in a future knowledge-based bioeconomy.

We currently have four groups focussing on:

  • Quantifying photosynthetic efficiency and transpiration by non-invasive and remote sensing technologies
  • Mechanisms of volatile organic compounds emissions and their feedback on aerosol formation
  • Effects of plant diversity and community assembly on resource-use efficiency in grasslands
  • Role of environmental factors on root exsudates and selected plant-soil interactions