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SFB Transregio 32 (2nd phase)

TP A1: Pore Structures and Water Fluxes in Soil by NMR2011-2014Andreas Pohlmeier
TP A3: Inverse Modelling of Soil Hydraulic Property Patterns from Non-Invasive Electrical Measurements2011-2014Sander Huisman
TP B01:Characterizing spatio-temporal patterns of net ecosystem carbon fluxes at field scale2011-2014Michael Herbst
TP B4: Effect of vertical and lateral variations of soil moisture at the field-scale on root water uptake and plant transpiration2011-2014Jan Vanderborght
TP B6: Soil moisture content estimation by inverting full-waveform GPR measured on the surface and in horizontal boreholes2011-2014Jan van der Kruk
TP C1: Ecohydrological investigations of the feedback between the biosphere, pedosphere, and the hydrosphere at different spatial and temporal scales2011-2014Heye Bogena
TP C6: Process-based modelling of regional water fluxes taking into account multi-sensor and multi-scale observation patterns2011-2014Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen
TP Z3: Basic field measurement services and data processing within the framework of the SFB/TR 32, 2nd phase2011-2014Lutz Weihermüller

Schwerpunktprogramm 1006

PASADO-Support 2: Qualitative environmental and climatic reconstruction fort the last glacial interglacial cycles in southern Patagonia – the stable isotope record of the ICDP site Laguna Potrok Aike, Argentina (PASADO-Isotope)2009-2012Andreas Lücke

Forschergruppe: FOR 1083: Multi-Scale Interfaces in Unsaturated Soil (MUSIS)

Evaporation from heterogeneous surfaces at the field-plot scale: effect of lateral heat and water fluxes in soil and atmosphere2008-2014Jan Vanderborght


Forschergruppe: FOR 1320: "Crop Sequence and Nutrient Acquisition from the Subsoil"

Modelling root uptake processes in heterogeneous soils at the plant scale with a specific attention to biopores and rhizosphere impact on nutrient acquisition2011-2013Jan Vanderborght


Forschergruppe: FOR 1380: Himalaya: Modern and Past Climates (HIMPAC)

Stable isotopes from peat profiles from the western Himalayas (India as indicators of westerlies and monsoon variability during the Holocene)2010-2013Andreas Lücke


Forschergruppe 566 "Veterinary Medicines in Soils"

TP A4: Transport of Veterinary Medicines from Soils to Groundwater2005 - 2011Joost Groeneweg
An integrated Datafusion approach to use geophysical measurements in hydrological models2007 - 2009Sander Huisman


Links between local scale and catchment scale measurements and modelling of gas exchange processes over land surfaces2009-2012Alexander Graf