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Biogeochemical interfaces and colloids

The aim of the research topic is the understanding of the role of interfaces and colloids in biogeochemical processes.

One focus lies on biogeochemical interactions within the plant-soil compartment and their coupling to surface and groundwater. The exchange and transfer of nutrients in the solid and liquid phase and at their interface are studied from the molecular scale to the field scale using state-of-the-art physico-chemical and analytical methods such as NMR, vibration spectroscopy (FTIR, Raman), FT-ICR-MS, microscopy (REM, AFM, fluorescence), and scattering (light, X-ray). This research is supported by process-oriented and quantum-chemical modelling and enables us to elucidate biogeochemical processes in the fluxes and cycling of elements.


Current projects:

Solid-state NMR in biogeochemistry
Heterogeneity of organic carbon pools in soils
Vibrational spectroscopy and quantum-chemical modelling of biogeochemical processes
Formation of biogeochemical surfaces and their role in C, N and P cycling
Release and stability of water dispersible soil colloids

Contact :

Prof. Dr. Erwin Klumpp
Tel. : +49 2461 61 6635