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Characterization of NOM pools in soils:
Stabilities and reactivities

Core Research Unit: Biological Soil Functions

The objective of this subject area is to characterise Natural Organic Matter in terms of structure activity relationships and pool stabilities to better interpret its inner- and intercompartimental functioning.

We focus on pool sizes, fluxes, stabilities and reactivities.

Labelled crop residues (14C, 13C, 15N) are used to characterise shifts of stocks and fluxes against the large pool of carbon and nitrogen present in the soil. Different NOM fractions are gained by using a mild water-based physical fractionation. Colloid-chemical methods like light scattering, zeta-potential and spectroscopic methods like fluorescence and IR are applied to characterise the obtained soil fractions.

The NOM in the various pools will be further analysed using 13C/15N-NMR-spectroscopy, various chromatographic means (e.g. GPC) and MALDI-TOF-spectroscopy. The results will be used to evaluate the role of various NOM pools in binding and remobilisation of xenobiotics and carbon sequestration.

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