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Modelling and management of catchments

The main task of the research group " Modelling and management of catchments" is in the compilation of scientific support for the sustainable management of water resources. An essential basis for this work is provided by an area-differentiated balancing and forecasting of water and matter fluxes in river basins. On the one hand models to consider the interaction of climate, soil, geology and land use with regional discharge and sustainable availability of water are developed (GROWA). On the other hand models to simulate the input and reactive transport of pollutants (e.g. excess fertilizers from agricultural use) in soil and groundwater and their impact on the surface water and groundwater quality are designed (WEKV, MEPHOS).

These models are applied to regions ranging typically between mesoscale river basins (approx. 1000 km²) up to entire Federal States and macroscale transboundary river catchment areas of 100,000 km² and more. In this framework, the research group is involved in a number of national and international research programs dealing with the development of management concepts, e.g. for the implementation of the EU water framework directive in Germany and the EU.


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