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Plant-Soil-Atmosphere Exchange Processes

The aim of the Research Unit “Plant-Soil-Atmosphere Exchange Processes” is the quantification of matter and isotope fluxes between plants, soil and the atmosphere and elucidation of the biogeochemical and physical processes behind them in a range of ecosystems from cropland and grassland to forest. The analytical methods used comprise a range of techniques from enzyme assays at the leaf scale, chamber and cuvette measurements, classical gas chromatography and isotope ratio mass spectrometry up to online isotope-specific laser absorption spectrometry. The ultimate goal is to contribute to constraining global greenhouse gas budgets through process-oriented research and to help to develop management strategies for greenhouse gas emission reduction. For this, basic research is complemented with application-oriented projects.

Current research foci:

Current projects:

Real-time quantification of oxygen isotope exchange between carbon dioxide and leaf/soil water with laser-based spectroscopy

The role of abiotic processes in the formation of gaseous N compounds in the soil

Quantification of root water uptake with stable isotopes and MRI

Direct and indirect nitrous oxide emissions from the TERENO field sites


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