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A coupled inversion approach to use geophysical measurements in hydrological models

Geophysical measurements are a valuable source of information for the parameterization of hydrological models. Traditionally, relevant information on hydrological properties and/or state variables is obtained in a sequential approach from geophysical measurements. The aim of this project funded by the DFG (2007-2011) was to further develop an alternative so-called coupled hydrogeophysical inversion approach to use geophysical data in hydrological models that overcomes some of the limitations of the sequential approach. In this coupled inversion approach, geophysical measurements are directly included in the hydrological inverse problem by coupling a forward model of the geophysical measurements with a hydrological model and minimizing the difference between modelled and observed data by perturbing the relevant hydrological flow parameters. In particular, coupled inversion frameworks were developed to interpret time-lapse electrical resistivity, self-potential, and time domain reflectometry measurements.