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A truly fascinating interdisciplinary research area has developed at the borders between physics, chemistry and biology over the last few years. The concentration of research on microscopic and molecular processes and therefore on principles that form the basis of both soft matter and living systems, leads to a consistently better quantitative understanding of complex systems. This dramatic development is sustained due to the continuing transfer of techniques, methods, concepts and materials promoted between the different disciplines and also strengthened through emerging applications in nanotechnology, biotechnology and medicine.

The visionary objective of soft matter research is to produce functional nanocomposite materials, to predict their characteristics and to modify them as required. Research in the life sciences pursues the long term aim of the quantitative understanding of elementary processes in living cells and cell structures and to trace this back to elementary molecular interactions and standardized physical principles. On the microscopic scale, living materials are also highly functional nanocomposite materials. In this way, both these visions converge and complement each other in an ideal way.

ICS has direct access to large scientific facilities and equipment such as high field NMR spectrometers, synchrotron radiation sources, nanotechnology in the Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF) and neutron scattering in the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS).

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