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Vorträge auf Konferenzen 2010

Charged Colloids in electric fields and thermal gradients
Playing Colloidal Mikado II
Seminar, Meeting locationLuxembourg, 27 May 20102010-05-27

Charged colloids in external electric fields and temperature gradients
IV Mexican Meeting on Mathematical and Experimental Physics
Seminar, Meeting locationMexico City, 19 Jul 20102010-07-19

Diffusion of spheres through networks and charged colloids in external electric fields
CECAM; Complex dynamics of fluids in disordered and crowded environments
Seminar, Meeting locationLyon, France, 28 Jun 20102010-06-28

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Shear banding instabilities
The 10th International Symposium on Applied Rheology (ISAR)at the Yonsei University
Seminar, Meeting locationSeoul, South Korea, 3 Jun 20102010-06-03

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Colloids in external fields and thermal gradients
Spring 2010 National Meeting & Exposition
Seminar, Meeting locationSan Francisco, USA, 22 Mar 20102010-03-22

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Charged colloids in electric fields and thermal gradients
Seminar, Meeting locationCrete, Greece, 15 Nov 20102010-11-15

Characterization of mesoscopic relaxation time of dynamic imaging correlation spectroscopy
MRS workshop at the Denver Marriott Tech Center: Functionalized Nanobiomaterials for Medical Application
Seminar, Meeting locationColorado, USA, 4 Oct 20102010-10-04

Phase/state transitions and criticality of charged fibrous viruses (fd) in electric fields
Statphys24 Conference
Seminar, Meeting locationCairns, Australia, 19 Jul 20102010-07-19

Phononic excitations in glass forming systems
XII International Macromolecular Colloquium
Seminar, Meeting locationGramado/Porto Allegre, Brazil, 7 Sep 20102010-09-07

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Finding Tomorrow Today
Science and Technology: Realities and Perspectives of Future Partnerships between UFRGS and Germany
Seminar, Meeting locationPorto Alegre, Brasil, 29 Apr 20102010-04-29

Dynamics in concentrated dispersions of colloids and biomolecules: theory, simulation and experiment
BDBDB 2 Workshop, Villa Bosch
Seminar, Meeting locationHeidelberg, 11 Oct 20102010-10-11

Hydrodynamic Interaction
SFB TR6 Summer School "Physics of colloiddal suspensions and granular media
Seminar, Meeting locationCargèse, France, 27 Sep 20102010-09-27

Dynamics of dense charge-stabilized suspensions
ELOPTO 2010 Conference
Seminar, Meeting locationMainz-Waldthausen, 15 Mar 20102010-03-15

Newly emerging nanoscopic pathways in the crystallisation of BaCO3 nanoparticles of different crystal structure and morphology
Scientific meeting on Chemistry related to Physics & Material Sciences
Seminar, Meeting locationVeldhoven, NL, 15 Feb 20102010-02-15

What happens with soft matter in a temperature gradient?
9th International Meeting on Thermodiffusion
Seminar, Meeting locationToulouse, France, 6 Jun 20102010-06-06