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Sonstige Vorträge 2010

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Statistical mechanics of rod-like colloids
Seminar, Meeting locationUniversity of Puebla, Mexico, 26 Jul 20102010-07-26

Non-equilibrium phase transitions and diffusion of soft matter: Ordering, phase/state transitions and mass transport of colloids in external fields
Physic Colloquium at the Inha University
Seminar, Meeting locationIncheon, South Korea, 25 Mar 20102010-03-25

Optics for applied complex systems
Physic colloquium at the Seoul National University
Seminar, Meeting locationSeoul, South Korea, 5 Aug 20102010-08-05

Particle wall interaction and particle dynamics close to the liquid/solid interface
Seminarvortrag am Institut f. Physikalische u. Kolloid Chemie
Seminar, Meeting locationUtrecht, Univ., NL, 18 Jun 20102010-06-18

Translational and orientational near wall dynamics
Seminarvortrag; Internat.Graduate Research Training Group
Seminar, Meeting locationBerlin, TU, 14 Dec 20102010-12-14

Directed self assembly by walls and interfaces
Annual Meeting of Nanodirect
Seminar, Meeting locationHeraklion, Greece, 28 Sep 20102010-09-28

Microstructural origin of flow instabilities
Seminar, Meeting locationDESY in Hamburg, 26 May 20102010-05-26

Dynamic response of surfactant wormlike micelles to shear flow
Seminar, Meeting locationMPI in Hamburg, 13 Apr 20102010-04-13

Dynamics in concentrated dispersions of colloids and biomolecules: Theory, simulation and experiment
Physic Colloquium at the Wayne State University
Seminar, Meeting locationDetroit, MI, 5 Nov 20102010-11-05

Dynamics in concentrated colloidal dispersions: Theory, simulation and experiment
Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan
Seminar, Meeting locationAnn Arbor, USA, 2 Nov 20102010-11-02

Dynamics in concentrated dispersions of colloids and biomolecules: Theory, simulation and experiment
Neutron Scattering Science Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Seminar, Meeting locationTennessee, USA, 2 Nov 20102010-11-02

Dynamics in concentrated suspensions of charged and porous particles
Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Tennessee
Seminar, Meeting locationKnoxville, USA, 1 Nov 20102010-11-01

Dynamics of charged and porous particles in concentrated suspensions
NIST, Gaithersburg
Seminar, Meeting locationMaryland, USA, 29 Oct 20102010-10-29

Dynamics in concentrated dispersions of charged and porous particles: theory, simulation and experiment
CMET seminar at the Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
Seminar, Meeting locationNewark, USA, 26 Oct 20102010-10-26

Diffusion in concentrated dispersions of colloids and biomolecules
Institute for Applied Physics at the University in Tübingen
Seminar, Meeting locationTübingen,, 22 Jun 20102010-06-22

Dynamics of charged and porous colloidal particles
MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Seminar, Meeting locationGöttingen, 23 Apr 20102010-04-23

Dynamics of charged and porous particles in dense suspensions
Chemical Engineering Dept. at the California Institute of Technology
Seminar, Meeting locationPasadena, USA, 1 Mar 20102010-03-01

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Structure and Phase Diagram of Adhesive Colloidal Dispersions under High pressure
Seminar at Institute of Chemistry & Material Science
Seminar, Meeting locationPorto Alegre, Brasil, 3 May 20102010-05-03

Towards a better understanding of diffusion in a temperature gradient
SFB Kolloquium
Seminar, Meeting locationBayreuth, 21 Jun 20102010-06-21