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Vorträge auf Konferenzen 2010

Charged Colloids in Electric Fields and Thermal Gradients
CECAM Conference - Electrokinetic phenomena
Seminar, Meeting locationParis, France, 4 May 20112011-05-04

Charged Colloids in Electric Fields and Thermal Gradients
Workshop "Molecular crowding
Seminar, Meeting locationTelluride, USA, 18 Jun 20112011-06-18

Charged Colloids in Thermal Gradients and Electric Fields
CECAM Conference; “Coarse graning strategies and methodologies for polymers and bio-molecular assemblies”
Seminar, Meeting locationLyon, France, 5 Jul 20112011-07-05

Rod-like colloids in external electric fields
Workshop "Soft Matter at Interfaces
Seminar, Meeting locationMünchen, 2 Mar 20112011-03-02

Electric response of charged fibrous viruses (fd)
21st International Symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics
Seminar, Meeting locationCracow, Poland, 8 May 20112011-05-08

Diffusion of a tracer sphere in fibrous virus (fd) networks
WSEAS Conference, BIOMEDCH (Recent researches in modern medicine)
Seminar, Meeting locationCambridge, United Kingdom, 23 Feb 20112011-02-23

Orientational order instabilities of complex fluids: External shear & electric fields
International workshop on Rheology and Structural Designs of Complex Fluids
Seminar, Meeting locationLeuven, Katholieke Univ., 7 Feb 20112011-02-07

Near wall dynamics in colloidal suspensions studied by evanescent wave dynamic light scattering
EPS March Meeting of the American Physical Society
Seminar, Meeting locationDallas, USA, 19 Mar 20112011-03-19

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Near wall dynamics in colloidal suspensions studied by evanescent wave dynamic light scattering
Jülich Soft Matter Days 2011
Seminar, Meeting locationBonn, 15 Nov 20112011-11-15

The molecular origin of stress generation in wormlike micelles, using a Rheo-SANS Laos approach
7th Annual European Rheology Science Conference (AERC)
Seminar, Meeting locationSuzdal, Moskau, 9 May 20112011-05-09

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Structure and Phase Diagram of Adhesive Colloidal Dispersions under High pressure: A SANS, DWS and DLS study
5th European Conference on Neutron Scattering
Seminar, Meeting locationPrag, Czech Republic, 17 Jul 20112011-07-17

Dynamics in concentrated particle dispersions: From big colloids to small proteins
Workshop des Graduiertenkolleg 1276: Strukturbildung u. Transport in komplexen Systemen
Seminar, Meeting locationSaarbrücken, Univ.d.Saarlandes, 28 Sep 20112011-09-28

Diffusion and rheology of charged particles: from colloids to proteins
Workshop on Molecular Crowding
Seminar, Meeting locationTelluride, Colorado, USA, 20 Jun 20112011-06-20

Dynamics of charged and porous particles in dense suspensions
CECAM Workshop "Mesoscale Hydrodynamic Simulation of Non-Equilibrium and Driven Soft-Matter Systems
Seminar, Meeting locationFZ-Jülich, 9 May 20112011-05-09

Dynamics in dispersions of charged particles: from big colloids to small proteins
Annual SoftComp Meeting
Seminar, Meeting locationHeraklion, Crete, Greece, 15 May 20112011-05-15

A sequence of physical processes determined and quantified in LAOS
Viscoplastic fluids: From Theory to Application Two prizes were awarded: 1) best presentation from a junior scientist 2) The Bighman Fluid Medal (for overall conference contribution)
Seminar, Meeting locationRio de Janeiro, Brazil, 5 Nov 20112011-11-05