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ICS-3 Gruppenseminar

Das ICS-3 Gruppenseminar findet Dienstags um 10:30 Uhr in Geb. 04.6, Raum A1-A3 statt.

Aktuelle Gruppenseminare

28.05.2015 Sonderseminar SFB 985: Toroidal droplets
02.07.2015 Seminar Talk Microfluidics, scaling laws and self assembly – a few examples in view of chemical analysis

Vergangene Gruppenseminare

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28.04.2015 Seminar Talk: Interactions in mixtures of sodium bis (2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate (AOT) and 1-dodecyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide
15.04.2015 Seminar Talk: Sampling moiré technique and the dynamics of a spreading droplet on a solid surface
19.02.2015 Seminar Talk Motion of charges and particles in a liquid under influence of the electric field: from displays to biosensors.
17.02.2015 Seminar Talk ''Site-specific polymer grafting for amphiphilic rod-like particles’'
08.01.2015 Seminar Talk Stokesian swimmers and active particles
25.09.2014 Sonderseminar SFB 985: Equal membrane accessibility in concentration polarization of pressure driven separation processes using membranes
24.06.2014 Seminar Talk Microdevices useful to manipulate bacteria need to be revised for controlling efficiently sperm cells trapping and guidance
02.04.2014 Seminar Talk Nanocomposites under flow: dispersing nanoparticle assemblies in polymer melts
18.03.2014 Sonderseminar SFB 985: "Funktionelle Mikrogele & Mikrogelsysteme"
06.02.2014 Seminar Talk: Do ionically charged anisometric particles have a permanent dipole?