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Microscopes, light, scattering equipment, additional optical techniques, rheometers and shear cells, chemistry laboratory, electric fields More: Instrumentation …


Phase behaviour and microstructure

A prerequisite for the study of the non-equilibrium behaviour of colloidal dispersions is an understanding of the equilibrium structure and phase behaviour of the systems we are interested in. More: Phase behaviour and microstructure …



In the ultimate vicinity of interfaces, the physical properties of colloidal suspensions, e.g. their structure or dynamics, are significantly different from their bulk properties. More: Interfaces …


Shear flow

When shear flow is applied to a colloidal dispersion, it will change the phase behavior of the dispersion and distort or induce structures in the system. More: Shear flow …


Transport properties

Diffusion is the most relevant transport mechanism in colloidal and polymeric systems. More: Transport properties …


Electric Fields

Non-equilibrium phase transitions in suspensions of fd-viruses in external electrical fields are studied. Moreover, an analytic theory is presented to calculate the conductivity and electrophoretic mobilities in concentrated electrolyte solutions. More: Electric Fields …


Synthesis of colloids and nanostructured materials

Colloidal dispersions like paint, ink, milk, blood and wet clay play an important role in everyday life, but due to their great complexity are often difficult to study. More: Synthesis of colloids and nanostructured materials …