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Bausteine der Erbsubstanz könnten in hydrothermalen Gesteinsporen entstanden sein
New Findings on the Origin of Life
Jülich, 14 April 2016 – Jülich researchers have provided an indication of how a central component of genomes could have originated on Earth aeons ago. With the aid of numerical calculations, they showed that high accumulations of the organic molecule formamide can occur in hydrothermal rock pores. This may lead to the spontaneous formation of nucleobases, the building blocks of DNA and RNA. In primeval times, the necessary conditions were probably widespread in shallow bodies of water.
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International Helmholtz Research School

The International Helmholtz Research School of Biophysics and Soft Matter (IHRS BioSoft) offers excellent research opportunities for Ph.D. students. More: International Helmholtz Research School …

Focus DiStruc


DiStruc stands for Directed Structure and belongs to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN-ETN). The goal of DiStruc is to understand and direct structure formation in dispersions of elongated colloidal particles by internal (particle characteristics, interactions and concentration) and external means (confinement and flow). More


ESMI - European Soft Matter Infrastructure

ESMI offers access to world class instrumentation for European soft matter scientists free of charge. More: ESMI - European Soft Matter Infrastructure …



Within the JARA research alliance, the JARA-SOFT group undertakes multi-disciplinary soft matter research to address current open questions in material sciences and biophysics. More: JARA-SOFT …



The Collaborative Research Centre 985 includes physical chemistry and process engineering groups at RWTH Aachen University and Soft Matter groups at Forschungszentrum Jülich (IAS-2, ICS-3 and JCNS-1).More



Softcomp was born as a Network of Excellence (NoE) supported by the EU aiming to establish a knowledge base for an intellegent design of functional and nanoscale soft matter composites. More: Softcomp …



Somatai stands for "Soft Matter at Aqueous Interfaces". It is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN), which is financed by the EU's 7th Framework Programme. SOMATAI