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8th International Meeting on Thermodiffusion

9-13 June 2008
Bonn, Germany


 Circular for download (PDF, 232 kB) (September 14,2007)


The objective of the International Meeting on Thermodiffusion (IMT) is to bring together researchers from the field of thermodiffusion. This has led to the organization of

  • IMT1 (Toulouse, 1994),
  • IMT2 (Pau, 1996),
  • IMT3 (Mons, 1998),
  • IMT4 (Bayreuth, 2000),
  • IMT5 (Lyngby, 2002),
  • IMT6 (Varenna, 2004)
  • and IMT7 (San Sebastian, 2006).



IMT8 is the eighth meeting in a series of conferences on thermal diffusion and will be hosted by Forschungszentrum Jülich. These conferences are promoted by EGTR (European Group of Thermodiffusión Research), which is a permanent working team of ECAST (European Centre for Advanced Studies in Thermodynamics). Among others the following topics will be discussed at IMT8:



  • Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of fluids in thermal gradients
  • Experimental aspects, theory and numerical methods in thermodiffusion
  • Thermophoresis in macromolecular solutions, airborne particles, colloidal suspensions, and biological fluids
  • Thermodiffusion in porous media and enhanced oil recovery
  • Hydrodynamic instabilities and convective patterns induced by the Soret effect
  • Non-equilibrium fluctuations in thermally inhomogeneous fluids
  • Thermal diffusion effects in crystal growth and polymer processing
  • Thermal diffusion in micro-gravity
  • Thermal diffusion in biological transport
  • Applications of thermal diffusion




M. Bou-AliSpain
D. BraunGermany
D. CahillUSA
P. CostesequeFrance
S. KjelstrupNorway
M. LückeGermany
M. MartinFrance
J.K. PlattenBelgium
M.E. SchimpfUSA
J.V. SengersUSA
A. WuergerFrance