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Research Interests

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Nägele


Theory and Computer Simulation of Colloidal Soft Matter

My research activities comprise the many-body theory and computer simulation of the structure, diffusion, rheology, and the equilibrium and non-equilibrium phase behavior of colloidal suspensions in the bulk phase, at two-dimensional interfaces, and in external gravitational and electric fields. Explored systems are charge-stabilized, neutral and magnetic colloidal suspensions, microgel systems, protein and DNA fragment solutions, and colloid-polymer mixtures.

Aim of my research efforts:

Derive macroscopic transport properties from the knowledge of the microscopic interactions. Explore the application of colloid methods to biological systems.

List of current research interests:

Generalised Stokes-Einstein Relations

Hydrodynamics of Particles at a Liquid-Gas Interface

Stokesian Dynamics Simulation of Neutral and Charged Colloids

Short-time Dynamics of Charged Colloids and Proteins: Experiment versus Theory

Electrohydrodynamic Effects in Charged Colloids and Biomolecules

Interdiffusion in Colloidal Mixtures

Phase Behavior of Lyzozyme Solutions

Depletion-induced Aggregation and Phase Separation in Colloid-Polymer Mixtures

Employed theoretical methods:

  1. Micostructure and phase behaviour:
    Ornstein-Zernike-type integral equation schemes, Monte-Carlo simulations, thermodynamic perturbation schemes.
  2. Diffusion and rheology:
    Projection operator formalism, mode-coupling schemes for Brownian systems with hydrodynamics included, effective medium calculations, dynamic density functional theory, Brownian dynamics and Stokesian dynamics computer simulations.