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ICS-3 Group seminar

The ICS-3 group seminar takes place on Tuesday at 10:30 in Build. 04.6, room A1-A3.

Coming up group seminars

10.May.2016 Sonderseminar SFB 985: Mathematical Modeling of Osmosis and Pressure Driven Electrolyte Separation with Charged Membranes
12.May.2016 Joint Soft Matter Seminar: Blue energy, ionic liquids, and heat-to-power conversion with nanomaterials
16.Jun.2016 Joint Soft Matter Seminar: Title: Physical models of crawling cell motility

Previous group seminars

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04.Dec.2012 ICS-3 Vortrag: Prof. Dr. A.J. Banchio Physics Dept. National University of Cordoba, Argentinien SFB 985: Funktionelle Mikrogele und Mikrogelsysteme
20.Nov.2012 ICS-3 Vortrag: Dr. Priti Mohanty, University of Lund
06.Nov.2012 ICS-3 Vortrag: Herr Jonas Riest, Universität Wien, Computational Physics
23.Oct.2012 ICS-3 Vortrag: Dr. Ruth Cardinaels, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Lab for Applied Rheology
28.Aug.2012 ICS-3 Vortrag: Dr. Rafael Roa, Universidad de Málaga, Facultad de Ciencias, Fisica Aplicada I
16.Aug.2012 ICS-3 Vortrag: Prof. Dr. Samuel Sprunt Kent State University, USA
25.Jun.2012 ICS-3 Vortrag: Dr. Sergei A. Egorov, University of Virginia, USA
04.Jun.2012 ICS-3 Vortrag: Dr. Renko de Vries, Wageningen University, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Colloid Science
24.Apr.2012 ICS-3 Seminar: Prof. Gerhard Nägele
17.Apr.2012 ICS-3 Seminar: Dr. Agnieszka Slowicka Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences