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ICS-3 Group seminar

The ICS-3 group seminar takes place on Tuesday at 10:30 in Build. 04.6, room A1-A3.

Coming up group seminars

15 Dec 2016 Joint Soft Matter Seminar: Title: Behavior of Ultra-Thin Polymer Films by Nanosized Relaxation Spectroscopy

Previous group seminars

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31 Jan 2012 ICS-3 Seminar: Gerd Meier
30 Jan 2012 ICS-3 Seminar: Prof. Dr. Werner Steffen, Maryam Haghighi; MPI in Mainz
24 Jan 2012 ICS-3 Seminar: Peter Holmqvist
17.Jan.2012 ICS-3 Seminar: Johan Buitenhuis
10.Jan.2012 ICS-3 Seminar: Peter Lang
20.Dec.2011 ICS-3 Seminar: Donald Guu
13.Dec.2011 ICS-3 Seminar: Manolis Stiakakis
06.Dec.2011 ICS-3 Seminar: Simon Rogers
29.Nov.2011 ICS-3 Seminar: Technical Meeting
22.Nov.2011 ICS-3 Seminar: Philipp Naumann