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SoSe 2017: Semiconductor Physics, Nano- and Information Technology

Time: Tuesday, 12:00-13:30, Seminar room, Physikalischen Institut II 

Lecturers: Roger Wördenweber (Email:                      

Requirements for participation: Basic knowledge of condensed matter physics

Aims of the course: Understanding of theoretical and experimental concepts of semiconductor physics, nanotechnology as well as aspects of future information technology.

Contents of the course: Semiconducting materials in combination with nanotechnology represent the backbone of modern electronics and information technology. At the same time they are fundamental to the research of problems of modern solid state physics, information technology and biophysics. This lecture provides an introduction to semiconductor physics, its applications as well as novel concepts and fields of research in today’s information technology. First, a fundamental introduction is given including various aspects of semiconducting material, e.g., crystalline structure, band structure, electronic and optical properties. Second, heterostructures, junction and interfaces are discussed leading to basic device concepts. Finally, aspects of modern information technology are addressed ranging from thin film deposition, nanotechnology to molecular electronic and bioelectronic concepts.


  • Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals, Robert F. Pierret ; Pearson Education, ISBN 0-13-061792-x
  • Physics for Computer Science Students, N. Carcia, A. Damask; Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-540-97656-6
  • Festkörperphysik, H. Ibach, H. Lüth;  Springer-Verlag
  • Nanoelectronics and Information Technology,  R. Waser;   Wiley-VCH, ISBN  3527403639
  • Introduction to Nanoscience,  S.M. Lindsay, Oxford University Press, ISBN  9780199544219









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