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New way of graphene transfer – towards large scale fabrication

Graphene transfer plays a key role in the whole graphene technology at the moment. We present a novel way to fabricate the graphene devices on a large scale by using small amount of the graphene itself.




High throughput transfer technique: Save your graphene

D. Kireev, D. Sarik, T. Wu, X. Xie, B. Wolfrum, A. Offenhäusser,

To appeared in: Carbon, Available online 3 June 2016,

DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2016.05.058


GrapheneNew way of graphene transfer – towards large scale fabrication


The development rate of graphene-related research is tremendous. New methods of graphene growth and transfer are reported on a regular basis, trending towards large-scale. Nevertheless, the fabrication of high-yield and low-cost graphene devices is still challenging. In this work, we approach this problem from a technological point of view and propose a new, so-called "high-throughput transfer technique". The technique allows a semi-automatic transfer of graphene films right at the desired places on a wafer. We demonstrate the applicability of our method by aligning 52 graphene devices on a 4-inch wafer using only 4 cm2 of graphene. The overall yield of this process is over 90%.