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Biomolecular Sensors

Here we focus on the development of devices that incorporate biological assemblies for analytical and biomedical research. Antigen-antibody, DNA-DNA, DNA-protein and receptor-ligand binding events as well as enzymatic reactions can be utilized to understanding biochemical pathways and thus aiding the design of drugs to regulate these processes.

Our research encompasses the following topics:

Nanowire Sensor

Nanowire biosensing

Electronic sensors based on field-effect transistor (FET) arrays operating in liquid environment, offer an attractive method for the detection of biomolecular binding events in a time-resolved correlation analysis. In particular the label free detection of biomolecules with such devices is of great interest. We are using planar silicon ISFET and silicon nanowire (SiNW) arrays for the detection of chemical and biological analytes such as ions from solution, DNA and proteins.

biochemical sensor

Biochemical Sensors

Biochemical sensors are of great promise to improve the detection limits and selectivity for the quantification of biological analytes. We work on the development and study of properties of bioelectrochemical sensors for analytical chemistry and biomedical research. Major topics are: 1) synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and development of different types of transducers; 2) surface immobilization of substances, and 3) analytical characterization of sensor devices. Charge transfer between electrocatalytic centre of enzyme and transducer, which can be facilitated by electrochemical mediators and nanoelectronic building blocks is of particular interest.

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