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Biomimetic Sensors

Biomimetics means to understand methods found in nature and to transfer the principles into technical systems. In the field of biomimetic sensors we have a close cooperation with the Institute of Zoology, University of Bonn (

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Infrared Sensor

Infrared Sensor

The beetle Melanophila acuminata can detect infrared radiation (IR) from distant forest fires by specialized IR sensilla in two metathoric pit organs (see arrow), containing about 70 dome-shaped sensilla. We develop in cooperation with the University Bonn a new a new infrared sensor based on this principle.

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The elephant-nose fish Gnatonemus peterssii use electric fields to orient in the absence of light. By using this ‘active electrolocation’ the fish can investigate the electrical properties, the distance, the size and the shape of targets.We develop in cooperation with the University Bonn a new sensor for coronary diagnostics.

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