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Controlling network formation at the single cell level

Networks of neurons with controlled connectivity are needed for fundamental studies in neuronal signal processing and applications like neurodegeneration. This requires efficient, directed and long lasting control of axon and dendrites growths toward their targets. Best results so far could be achieved by microcontact printing of biomolecules

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Offenhäusser

Tel.:  +49-2461-61-2330

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Effects of Morphology Constraint on Electrophysiological Properties of Cortical Neurons
Zhu et al., Scientific Reports 2016, 6:23086

Axon guidance of rat cortical neurons by microcontact printed gradients
Fricke et al., Biomaterials 2011, 32  

Microcontact Printing of Proteins for Neuronal Cell Guidance
Offenhäusser et al., Soft Matter 2007, 3, 290-298