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Institute of Energy and Climate Research

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Collage mit Forschungsthemen des Instituts IEK-1

Tasks and objectives

IEK-1 focuses on the development and processing of ceramic and metallic materials into components or component coatings. More: Tasks and objectives …

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Information on the organization, departments, working groups, and the specific contacts at IEK-1.
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Institutsleiter Prof. Dr. Olivier Guillon

Head of institute

With two sections with five working groups each, the institute conducts research in the areas of materials synthesis and processing.

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Lageplan des Instituts IEK-1

How to reach us (IEK-1)

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Gruppenbild: IEK-1 Dezember 2014

Employees at IEK-1

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Organigramm des Instituts IEK-1


Information on the organization of IEK-1

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Former employees at IEK-1

Here you will find a list of the former employees at IEK-1.

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