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of the Institute of Energy and Climate Research IEK-1: Materials Synthesis and Processing IEK-1's research activities focus on the development of metallic and ceramic components and layer systems for advanced energy conversion.

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The institute's work ranges from the production of nano-, micro-, and macro-scale powders, the characterization and processing of these powders, up to and including the production of components by means of various shaping methods (including injection moulding, pressing, tape casting) and coatings techniques in the nanometre range (cathode atomization and electron-beam evaporation, chemical vapour deposition) and micrometre range (wet powder, thermal, and plasma spraying, casting and printing processes).

The process development concentrates on efficient energy and production methods that save raw materials and are near-net shape.

This wide range of methods is the basis for ongoing materials and microstructure optimization, which are successfully applied in fuel cells, barrier coatings for turbines, gas separation membranes, and batteries.

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With its five departments, the institute conducts research in the areas of materials synthesis and manufacturing processes.

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