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Materials synthesis

The synthesis of new materials for solid oxide fuel cells, thermal barrier coatings, gas separation membranes, and batteries is performed, for example, through spray pyrolysis and spray drying (aqueous and alcohol-based systems) for powder quantities over approx. 100 grams. Smaller amounts are usually fabricated using the Pechini method or modifications of this method. In addition, sols are synthesized for thin-film applications. More: Materials synthesis …

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Production processes - equipment

At IEK-1, a variety of highly innovative production processes are used in the area of coating technology. More: Production processes - equipment …

Nanostrukturdiagnostik: Y3Al5O12-belegte Korngrenzen

Micro-/nanostructure diagnostics

Studies on the basic characterization of materials with respect to the structure (materialography/image analysis), the chemical composition in the micro range (SEM/EPMA/EBSD), and the crystal structure (XRD) are a scientific and technical service offered by IEK-1. More: Micro-/nanostructure diagnostics …

Abbildung zeigt ein Modeling Beispiel


The working group develops physical mathematical and numerical descriptions of manufacturing processes by means of analytical models and finite-element simulation. Understanding the processes results in simplification and improved properties. More: Modelling …

Infrastructure at IEK-1

IEK-1 has the following infrastructure:


The mechanical workshop supports the R&D work at IEK-1. More: Workshop …


Safety at IEK-1

More: Safety …

Secretary's Office

IEK-1's Secretary's Office has a staff of two:

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The administration at IEK-1 supports the head of the institute with personnel and financial matters. More: Administration …