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Materials Development

The development of new, but also the improvement of known materials for solid oxide fuel cells, batteries, thermal barrier coatings and gas separation membranes starts at the synthesis by spray pyrolysis and spray drying (aqueous and alcoholic systems), by means of the so-called Pechini method or sol-gel methods.

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Christian Doppler Labor

Particle based processing and sintering

The spectrum of activities of the team comprehends the net-shaped manufacturing of parts via pressing technologies and powder injection molding of plastic feedstocks followed by debinding and sintering. Additionally, comprehensive technologies exist to sinter metal or ceramic powders with superposed pressure and/or electric field.

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Thermal coating technology

At IEK-1, a variety of highly innovative production methods are used in the area of thermal spraying.Two key thermal spraying technology methods are plasma spraying (PS) and high velocity oxy-fuel spraying (HVOF). These are highly efficient methods for the deposition of metallic or ceramic layers.

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Forschung allgemein - Arbeitsgruppe Dünne Schichten

Thin Film Technologies

In the area of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), ceramic high-temperature fuel cells are investigated as a future energy conversion technique. Research and development range from the synthesis of suitable materials and the production of components using powder technology, including qualified characterization, to complete fuel cells.

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Mikrostrukturcharakterisierung: Nanostrukturdiagnostik von Werkstoffen

Microstructure Characterization

Performance of fundamental studies of materials, material systems, layered systems and powders by materialography/image analysis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), and crystal structure (XRD).

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The working group develops physical mathematical and numerical descriptions of manufacturing processes by means of analytical models and finite-element simulation. Understanding the processes results in simplification and improved properties.

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