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Materials development

Developing new materials, but also improving existing ones, for solid-oxide fuel cells, thermal barrier coatings, gas separation membranes, and batteries starts with synthesis by spray pyrolysis and spray drying (aqueous and alcoholic systems) using the Pechini method or sol-gel processes.

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Christian Doppler Labor

Particle-based manufacturing processes and sintering

The team is concerned with the near-net-shaping of metallic and ceramic powders by means of pressing, as well as by injection moulding with subsequent debindering and sintering. Additional extensive options exist for sintering by superposing pressure and/or an electric field.

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Flammenbild A3000

Thermal Coating Technology

At IEK-1, various highly innovative thermal coating techniques are utilized:

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Forschung allgemein - Arbeitsgruppe Dünne Schichten

Thin Film Technologies

In the area of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), ceramic high-temperature fuel cells are investigated as a future energy conversion technique. Research and development range from the synthesis of suitable materials and the production of components using powder technology, including qualified characterization, to complete fuel cells.

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Mikrostrukturcharakterisierung: Nanostrukturdiagnostik von Werkstoffen

Microstructure Characterization

Basic research into materials, composite materials, layer systems, and powders by means of materialography/image analysis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), as well as X-ray diffraction of the crystal structure (XRD) as a scientific and technical service.

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Abbildung zeigt ein Modeling Beispiel


The working group develops physical mathematical-numerical descriptions of manufacturing processes by means of analytical models and finite element simulations. Understanding the processes leads to simplifications and improved properties.

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