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Institute of Energy and Climate Research
Materials Synthesis and Processing (IEK-1)

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The institute develops innovative materials and innovative component production processes for resolving key questions of modern energy conversion and storage systems. In so doing, the focus is on both powder-based shaping and coatings methods, as well as on gas-phase-based thin-film technologies. Research and development work centres on new materials and production processes for structural components and coatings. The main research areas are currently solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), barrier coatings for power plant engineering (in particular, thermal barrier coatings) and gas separation membranes for zero-CO2 power plants.



Festoxid-Brennstoffzellen - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)

Materials for solid oxide fuel cells and batteries

In the energy mix of the future, highly efficient, decentralized energy converters such as fuel cells and storage systems for electrical energy play a key role.

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Werkstoffe für Turbinen und CO2-freie Kraftwerke: Turbinenschaufel

Materials for turbines and zero-CO2 power plants

Ceramic thermal barrier coatings boost the efficiency and lifetime of turbines in advanced power plants. Gas separation membranes have a high potential for efficient CO2 separation.

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