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MEM-BRAIN research project

The aim of the Helmholtz Alliance for the MEM-BRAIN project is the development of selective gas separation membranes for separating CO2, O2 und H2.

MEM-BRAIN Project page

The project was launched against the background of the increase in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere from the combustion of the fossil fuels coal and gas in power plants.

MEM-BRAIN Projekt allgemein - Zeichnung Kraftwerkübersicht

With the aid of gas separation membranes, the greenhouse gas CO2 is to be separated with a high degree of purity in order to ultimately store it in condensed form. According to prognoses, in 2030, nearly two-thirds of our energy need will be covered by the combustion of coal and gas in power plants and will be responsible for well over 40 % of the global CO2 emissions. Considering the need to reduce greenhouse gases, the development of technologies for environmentally compatible electricity generation from coal and gas has become a significant topic.

MEM-BRAIN Projekt allgemein - Chema Kraftwerkübersicht

The tasks in the MEM-BRAIN research project range from membrane development and fabrication, characterization and technical process analysis to the assessment of suitable power plant processes with respect to energy and the environment.

The project is divided into four key topics:

  1. Ceramic membranes for medium and high temperatures
  2. Polymers and hybrid membranes for temperatures of up to 200 °C
  3. Process engineering and system integration
  4. Energy systems analysis