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Projekt Sunfire

Sunfire - BMBF research project

Sunfire - Producing fuels from CO2 and H2O using renewable energy: The research project focuses on the development of high-temperature electrolysers and subsequent Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of liquid fuels from hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

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MEM-BRAIN Projekt - Logo

MEM-BRAIN research project

The aim of the Helmholtz Alliance for the MEM-BRAIN project is the development of selective gas separation membranes for separating CO2, O2 und H2.

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Projekt DEMOYS Logo

DEMOYS EU research project

The DEMOYS (Dense Membranes for Efficient Oxygen and Hydrogen Separation) project is concerned with the development of thin electron-ion-conducting membranes for efficient separation of oxygen and hydrogen.

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Efficient and robust fuel cell with novel ceramic proton conducting electrolyte


Projekt H2IGCC Logo

H2-IGCC EU research project

The research project is concerned with optimizing current gas turbines and gas turbine technology for use with hydrogen-rich fuel gases.

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Project:  Holistic Turbine „HolisTurb“ – Interdisciplinary, integral turbine concepts for efficiency and reliability increases


Development, manufacturing and testing of high temperature resistant and rub-in permissive magnesia alumina spinel coatings with defined 3D interface structure and high cyclic life time for gas turbine components of aircraft engines.

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Projekt MeMO


Development of high-temperature energy storage systems based on metal/metal oxides for short- and mid-term storage of volatile renewable excess energy.

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Aufbau einer Gasseparationsmembran


MEM-OXYCOAL oxygen permeable ceramic membranes for coal-fired power plants; TP: electrical and electrochemical characterization methods


Project MetAPU

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) research project MetAPU

Development of metal-supported SOFC light-weight stacks for auxiliary power unit use in heavy trucks

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Projekt NASA-OTM


NAnostructured Surface Activated ultra-thin Oxygen Transport Membranes

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