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Materials for power plant technology

Thermal barrier coatings are an integral part of both stationary and aircraft gas turbines, since they are the only coatings that can withstand the high fuel gas temperature needed for efficient operations. The standard that has been established worldwide for thermal barrier coatings is yttria-stablized zirconia (YSZ) that has been partially stabilized with 7-8 weight % Y2O3.

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Gas separation membranes

IEK-1 develops ceramic membranes for separating the greenhouse gas CO2, which is to be subsequently stored in order to prevent harmful emissions.This new technology is called "carbon capture and storage" or CSS technology.

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Verschiedene Baugrößen SOFCs

Solid Oxide Cells

The department is developing materials and manufacturing technologies for solid oxide cells. The manufacturing focuses on the use of powder technological techniques. Main expertise is the combination of appropriate materials and functionality-adapted microstructures of multi-layer components.

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Elektrochemische Speicher

Electrochemical storage

The goal of development is new and improved types of batteries for stationary and mobile applications with robust long-term stability during stochastic charging and discharging processes.

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CD Labor

Christian Doppler Laboratory
for Metal-supported Electrochemical Energy Converters

Metal-supported fuel cells (MSCs) are highly attractive regarding their mechanical robustness and cost effective processing. Within the framework of the CD laboratory, goal oriented improvement of electrodes and MSC specific interfaces are the key for further optimization of power density and long-term stability.

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