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Seven Interdisciplinary Competence Pools
- The 7T approach -

For the synthesis, characterization, further development, and application of electrolytes in the five research areas, the HI MS scientists can draw on seven competence pools.

In parallel to improved materials, processes, and batteries, the 7T approach ensures that insights from basic and applied research are obtained across the 5 electrolyte classes. This holistic approach serves as a scientific framework and both stimulates and strengthens R&D efforts in the five research areas.

7T Approach

T1 - THEORY: Focuses on physical and chemical processes related to ionic as well as electronic conductivity on different time and length scales to yield more information about TRANSPORT mechanisms on a microscopic level.

T2 - TRANSPORT: Focuses on understanding the mechanisms of ionic and electronic motion to open the door to the design of improved energy materials.

T3 - TAILORING: Focuses on the chemical and structural design and the modification of all electrolyte components.

T4 - TRANSFORMATION: Focuses on the electrochemical behavior and interaction of materials and material combinations.

T5 - TECHNIQUES: Focuses on activities aimed at reinforcement and enhancement of knowledge and know-how in novel processing techniques for materials, components and devices for various chemistries and cell designs.

T6 - TECHNOLOGY: Focuses on the complement of newly developed materials or cell concepts towards applications.

T7 - TRANSFER: Focuses on the investigation what kind of structures and processes can be used to effectively and efficiently transfer academic research results into successful innovations.









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