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high temperature corrosion and -protection.

Research TopicFunding SourceScientific Personnel
MCrAlY-bondcoat modifications for extended
Effect of exposure conditions on steam oxidation resistance of martensitic and austenitic
Lifetime testing and modelling of
Decarburization of high-alloy
Materials behaviour in environments relevant to Power-to-X
Deposit-induced corrosion of turbine charger
Modelling oxidation and interdiffusion induced degradation of coated
Deposit induced corrosion in turbine
Lifetime testing and modelling of aluminized Co-base high-temperature alloys


Modelling microstructure and degradation of aluminized Ni-base alloysChina Scholarship Council
Mechanisms of alumina scale formation on oxide-dispersion strengthened FeCrAl-alloys and MCrAlY-coatingsChina Scholarship Council

Modelling deposit-induced corrosion in turbine applicationsChina Scholarship Council
High-Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of High-Entropy AlloysInternal Funding

High-Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Components Produced by Additive Manufacturing TechnologyInternal Funding

Behaviour of Metallic Materials under Combined Oxidation /

Erosion High-Temperature Service Conditions


Development of a front-end programme for the description of microstructural changes in high-temperature materialsIndustry

Software developmentInternal Funding