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high temperature corrosion and -protection.

ProjectFundingScientific Personnel
Effect of water vapour and contaminants on behaviour of
NiCoCrAlY overlay and YSZ thermal barrier coatings
for gas turbine components (“syngas turbine”);
development of bondcoat surface treatments for improved TBC life 
Behaviour of super alloys and coating systems in
gases simulating combustion gases orginating from high sulphur natural gas
Effect of service and test parameters (cycling; cooling rates)  on
life time of TBC coatings on MCrAlY and PtAl bondcoats
Effect of BC surface treatments on TBC lifeDFG
Ferritic (Laves phase strengthened)  steels for interconnect applications
in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells;
effect of component design/thickness  and alloy creep strength
on oxidation behaviour
Materials for high temperature batteriesIndustry
NiCoCrAlY overlay and YSZ thermal barrier coatings
for gas turbine components;
significance of bondcoat composition and
manufacturing parameters on TBC life
Anode side degradation processes in SOFC’sEU
Steam oxidation of metallic materials for 700°C power plants
(low alloy  steels, martensic and austenitic steels, nickel base alloys);
effect of cycling parameters
Metallic materials in coal gasification environmentsBMWi

FeCrAl alloys for heating elements with high emissivity;
correlation between alloy composition and pre-oxidation
on scale composition and emissivity

Materials for high temperature (thin-walled) heat exchanging components
for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell systems;

  • life time during thermal cycling under oxidizing conditions
  • (cycling) oxidizing and metal dusting environments.
Qualification of metallic materials for application in oxyfuel power plant;
significance of CO2, H2O, O2 and SO2 contents;
tracer studies using H218O and C18O2.
Materials for components in Oxyfuel-systems (ADECOS)
Fundamentals of chromia scale formation and growth in
water vapour containing environments
Sensor systems (based on magnetic transformation) for detection of
depletion processes in alumina forming alloys and coating systems
Alloys and coating systems for 700°C steam turbines;Industry
Modelling oxidation induced phase transformations
and life time limits of high temperature alloys;
“anomalous” depletion processes in BCC and FCC materials
Materials and Coating systems in High Efficiency
Power Generation systems  including CCS technology  (MACPLUS)