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Ceramic HT-bending fixture

Elastic properties of metallic and ceramic materials

Tensile tests on thin sheets


for metall, ceramics and composites

More: Strength …

Crack propagation test on an inductive heated CT-specimen

High temperature fracture mechanics on ceramic and metallic materials and composites

Specimen holder

Thermocycling tests

for metallic, ceramic and composite specimens

More: Thermocycling tests …

Very High Cycle Fatigue

Isothermal fatigue testing

on metallic materials

More: Isothermal fatigue testing …

Heated specimen with ceramic thermal barrier coating

Thermomechanical fatigue

on metallic materials and metal-ceramic coatings

More: Thermomechanical fatigue …

Mechanische Untersuchungen in Dualgasatmosphäre

Mechanical examinations in dual gas atmosphere


Mechanical behaviour under multiaxial loadings

Internal/external pressure and/or tensile and torsional loading

More: Mechanical behaviour under multiaxial loadings …

Samples of the same material after creep tests with similar time, stress and temperature. The oxidised sample was tested in air, the other one in Ar-4Vol.-%H2.

Creep behaviour

of metallic and ceramic materials

More: Creep behaviour …









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