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Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK)
Microstructure and Properties of Materials (IEK-2)

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Battery materials

At IEK-2 we perform combined experimental, theoretical and simulation investigations for the understanding and the development of future battery materials. In particular, we focus on the prediction of electrochemical and mechanical properties of electrodes and solid-state electrolytes. More: Battery materials …

HiperFer-Probe im Versuch

Ferritic high performance steels for the German "Energiewende"

The development of materials for flexible thermal power plants of the future breaks new ground. High performance ferritic stainless steels, developed at IEK-2, surpass the creep strength and corrosion resistance of conventional materials and also provide improved thermomechanical fatigue resistance. More: Ferritic high performance steels for the German "Energiewende" …

Foto shows a damaged thermal barrier coating,  visualized with thermography

Thermal barrier coatings

Gas turbine blades are coated with ZrO2 thermal barrier coatings. Stresses lead to formation and growth of delamination cracks underneath the surface and finally to spaliation of the coating. Thermography visualizes the cracks with a detection limit of 0.7 mm width and 1 μm lift-off. More: Thermal barrier coatings …









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