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Key words:         high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells, reformate gas operation, mathematical models, simulations

The high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell (HT-PEFC) is characterized by an operating temperature of 160–180 °C. It thus has a much higher CO tolerance than standard PEFCs, which are operated at a temperature of max. 90 °C. Furthermore, there is no need for complex water management. HT-PEFCs are thus highly suitable for operation with reformate gas in mobile and stationary applications, particularly when middle distillates (kerosene, diesel, heating oil) can be used to provide the necessary hydrogen.

HT-PEM_StackHT-PEFC stack for operation with reformate gas at an electrical power of max. 5 kW

HT-PEFC research and development priorities at IEK-3 range from basic electrochemical research to the determination of structure-activity relationships in electrodes and also include stack development. Stacks in the power range of up to 5 kW are developed for the planned applications. Mathematical models are developed in combination with experiments in order to describe fundamental effects in the fuel cell components. The design of cells and stacks is also supported by simulations.

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