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5kW SOFC-Stack-Detail


Its high operating temperatures make the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) suitable for applications in the area of decentralized energy supply as well as for combined heat and power in industrial processes. Another application that is being targeted is use as an auxiliary power unit (APU) in road vehicles, ships, and aircraft.   More: SOFC …



The high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell (HT-PEFC) is characterized by an operating temperature of 160–180 °C. It has a much higher CO tolerance than standard PEFCs, which are operated at a temperature of max. 90 °C. Furthermore, there is no need for complex water management.   More: HT-PEFC …



The direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) converts liquid methanol, which is fed into the system as a fuel, directly into electric current.   More: DMFC …

Detail einer Brenngaserzeugungskomponente


Fuel cells require pure hydrogen or hydrogen-rich gas mixtures as fuel. The conversion of gases or liquids into hydrogen-rich gas is referred to as reforming, and the full process chain is known as fuel processing (BGE).   More: BGE …



Polymer electrolyte membrane electrolysis (PEL) facilitates compact hydrogen production, and combined with suitable storage systems, it represents a key technology that will help us realize an environmentally friendly, reliable, and affordable future energy supply. In contrast to alkaline water electrolysis, which uses potassium hydroxide solution as an electrolyte, PEM electrolysis uses proton-conducting membranes as an electrolyte. PEM electrolyzers have a simpler system configuration than alkaline electrolyzers and they produce hydrogen with much higher current densities and efficiencies. More: PEL …



Climate change, dependence on imports, and economic policy goals are recognized as the driving forces behind changes in the energy supply system. Options for using hydrogen produced electrolytically in road vehicles and as a base product in the chemicals industry are currently being intensively investigated and analyzed.   More: H2Sys …