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Conversion technologies for a sustainable energy future



The transition to a sustainable energy system requires the deployment of a range of efficient technologies for the conversion, storage and distribution of renewably-generated power and heat. The IEK-3 is at the forefront of this endeavor. In collaboration with national and international partners from research and industry, we develop solutions for mobile and stationary applications and conduct groundbreaking research into fuel cells and the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, including its production, distribution and storage. Additionally, we formulate concepts and models for the energy system of the future.


Festoxid-Brennstoffzellen-Stapel im Testbetrieb am Forschungszentrum Jülich

World Record: Jülich Fuel Cell achieves 70,000 hours of continuous operation and counting

Scientists at the IEK-3 have established a new world record: Their solid oxide fuel cell stack recently surpassed eight years – or 70,000 hours – of continuous operation. More: World Record: Jülich Fuel Cell achieves 70,000 hours of continuous operation and counting …


Research topics

The key fields of scientific and technical competence are fuel cells (SOFC, PEFC, and DMFC), reformers for fuel processing (BGE), water electrolysis with polymer membranes (PEL), process and systems analysis, and batteries (BAT). More: Research topics …


Committee Work

IEK-3’s national and international reputation in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen technology is reflected in the fact that IEK-3 scientists are members of and collaborate with national and international committees. More: Committee Work …