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Fuel Cells

Due to its broad-based and well-founded competence profile, IEK-3 is able to provide research and development expertise ranging from basic studies to application-oriented systems for energy technology.


Pilot Fabrication Facility

The development of automated production processes for cell and stack components is indispensable for the further development of fuel cells with a view to commercialization and improved quality. More: Pilot Fabrication Facility …

EDX-Elementverteilungsbild für Ruthenium einer im Betrieb gealterten DMFC-MEA

Physicochemical Fuel Cell Laboratory

The Physicochemical Fuel Cell Laboratory develops and applies analytical methods for the in situ and/or spatially resolved analysis of structures and effects. More: Physicochemical Fuel Cell Laboratory …


Measuring Technology

Verifying each R&D approach requires a measuring technique tailored to the specific development and the processes involved. More: Measuring Technology …


Modeling and Simulation

In modeling fuel cell stacks, strong non-linear coupled processes should be taken into account on different spatial and time scales. These different scales mean that it is not possible to use just one single modeling approach. More: Modeling and Simulation …

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Process and Systems Analysis

If energy technologies are to be successfully developed for the market, then trends in energy supply in each energy use sector and the development of competitive technologies must be monitored. More: Process and Systems Analysis …