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Fuel Cells and Electrochemical Process Engineering

PD Dr. Werner Lehnert lectures at the University of Ulm

Brennstoffzellen – von den Grundlagen bis zur Anwendung (Fuel Cells – from the Basics to Applications)

PD Dr. Werner Lehnert lectures at the University of Ulm. His lecture “Fuel Cells – from the Basics to Applications” is part of the interdisciplinary course on energy technologies for students enrolled in science and engineering. It takes place during the summer semester. The course provides an introduction to the different fuel cell technologies before looking at the electrochemical, chemical and physical principles. One of the key aspects is a description of modern methods of investigation, such as synchrotron and neutron radiography and tomography, which are used to non-invasively image liquid water in situ in cells and stacks. Technologies that produce hydrogen, entire fuel cell systems and their application are also taken into consideration. An average of 30 students attends the lectures.


Elektrochemische Verfahrenstechnik (Electrochemical Process Engineering)

PD Dr. Werner Lehnert addresses chemists in the final years of their studies with his lectures on “Electrochemical process engineering” at the University of Ulm. The lectures are held during the winter semester and are attended by between six and ten students. The main issues addressed are the fields of mass and heat transport processes in electrochemical process engineering and the energy balance of reactors. Different types of electrochemical reactors and their application in an industrial setting are also dealt with.

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