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DMFC Energy System

Development of low-cost DMFC energy systems with long-term stability in the kW class for forklift trucks

In this project, fuel cell energy systems based on direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) for forklift trucks will be developed and tested in collaboration with the industrial partners Solvicore, ebmpapst AG, AKG and Hoppecke.

IEK-3 is responsible for investigating, in particular, long-term stack stability under realistic operating conditions as well as stack and system development. IEK-3 also carries out the overall development, the hybridization and the construction of prototypes.

Cooperation Partners:

SolviCore GmbH & Co. KG
Ebm-papst Landshut GmbH
AKG Verwaltungsgesellschaft
Hoppecke Batterien GmbH  & Co. KG