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Development of SOFC APUs

An SOFC-APU concept that can be integrated in existing systems of trucks and commercial vehicles is to be developed making use of the results from the ZeuS-III project. This work is financed by the industrial partners ElringKlinger and Behr.


In the project, the flow behavior of a potential stack design was investigated with the aid of CFD technology and design proposals for larger stacks were prepared. Operational behavior was analyzed using a 1D stack model and control strategies were developed as part of overall concept modeling. In order to examine the heat exchange performance as well as the mechanical properties, Behr’s compact heat exchangers were thermally cycled under realistic operating conditions using a special test stand which allows material to be heated to 900°C in 4 minutes. In a further test stand, the vaporization of chromium from the hot internal surfaces of the heat exchanger was investigated, as chromium oxide leads to an accelerated aging of the air electrode in the SOFC.

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