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Demo Center for Large Electrolyzers

The HYPOS project aims to utilize surplus renewable electricity in the energy system by innovatively connecting electrochemical hydrogen production with the existing infrastructure of natural gas pipelines and gas storage facilities. The resulting ‘green’ hydrogen will not only be used for chemical conversion in the chemicals industry, but will also be exploited as an energy source fulfilling the requirements of electromobility.

The project involves fundamental research studies for designing an electrolysis pilot plant. The unique characteristics of this electrolysis pilot plant include supplying energy on the basis of renewable electricity and connecting the plant to a hydrogen storage system on an industrial scale (pipelines and caverns). Site analyses will determine where the best conditions are for setting up a test site. Furthermore, operating strategies will be developed for the targeted use of the demo plant. The dimensions of the electrolyzers will be decided upon in consultation with associated partners.

The demo center will allow state-of-the-art electrolysis systems to be validated and new operating concepts to be developed for application in conjunction with cavern storage. Continuous operation can thus be analyzed and any improvements that may be necessary for the system and the operating strategy can be derived.

Another aspect involves strategic planning, which incorporates future energy supply scenarios in addition to the current state of the art. Developments up to 2050 will be covered and recommendations for system design and operating concepts will be proposed.



Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials (Halle)
VNG Group (Leipzig)